For bug reports, suggestions and general feedback, send an email to netwarsgl (at) mininova (dot) de.

The source code

This is the source code of NetWarsGL as it was when development stopped in 2005 or so. Don't expect too much, please.
Do with it whatever you want, but don't use it to make money in any way. That means, don't sell the source code or code that contains portions of the code or binaries compiled from such code.

A few things you might find interesting before you start digging into the source code:
  • There are no generic build scripts for autotools, scons or other build systems. The included Makefile.manual (and probably the Makefile.bak) was what I worked with. Looks like I've tried setting up a CMake environment a few years ago, but it doesn't look anything like finished, or even working.
  • Dependencies: glut for the graphics; ClanLib for sound output, but that should be easy to remove. Should probably be replaced by SDL or something else. It actually looks like the ClanLib stuff is commented in most places, probably because I've never had the lib on MacOS X.
  • Apart from the dependencies, the game is pretty much portable. I've had it compile and run on Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Unfortunately I don't have a complete tool chain on my current machine and couldn't test whether it compiles flawlessly with current compilers.
  • The code is quite messy in some places.
  • The code is quite clean in some places and even contains some comments.
  • The collision detection is really really bad (brute force checks with slow math). This is probably one of the first things that should be changed.
  • There are a few places where the code is much more C than C++. In general, there are too many pointers and arrays.
  • The graphics rendering code is mixed in with various other parts of the game, like the actual game controlling code and the space objects.
  • You might want to grep the code for "TODO" or "todo" to find other places that might be good starting points for refactoring or re-implementation.
  • There is not even a shred of multi-player code. Sorry. I know that this was the most interesting and fun part of the whole game.

Download links:
netwarsgl-src.tar.bz2 (211 kB; MD5 sum: 5b4fb9504951b06f448bd000293ebdc5)
netwarsgl-src.tar.gz (251 kB; MD5 sum: 032316d46b2e05a737ce1a8a4c531d0d) (307 kB; MD5 sum: 2e85fe0050371e2fe1295bd25260aadd)

The game

NetWarsGL screen (click to enlarge) Play the fast-paced space shooter. Single player mode only. The development is currently stopped. It is not clear when it will be resumed; most certainly, Windows support will stop entirely. Probably some Mac release will follow. Watch out for the possible source code release.

Requires working OpenGL.
Download the Win32 binary:

The editor

NetWarsGL screen (click to enlarge) This project was started with the goal of a NetWars model editor in mind. It is currently just a model viewer.
Download the Win32 binary:

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